Pure Gym has become the first budget gym chain to equip every site in its portfolio with multiple Power Plate® machines.

The company is installing three Power Plate pro5™ models in each of its sites, totaling 60 machines across all its properties.

Members can use the machine free of charge, as part of their membership package. There will be exercise posters near each machine to facilitate self-guided use and they will also offer small group exercise classes on the machines.

“We strive to offer our members the very best equipment, while still keeping membership costs low. Introducing Power Plate machines, a product often thought of as a ‘luxury’, was the next logical step in maintaining this ethos,” says Brian Scurrah, Development Director at Pure Gym.

“To become leaders in our sector, we need to invest in the best possible equipment, which is why we chose Power Plate. It has a proven track record in the commercial market and we are delighted our clients can now enjoy all the benefits these machines can offer.”

“We are delighted that Pure Gym has added Power Plate to their offering; demonstrating their commitment to providing great equipment at great value to their customers” adds Jeff Davis; Senior Vice President of Power plate International.

The Power Plate machine works by transferring vibrations throughout the body. As users hold a pose or perform an exercise on its vibrating platform, this causes the muscles to respond multiple times per second, meaning shorter sessions which can yield faster results.

Pure Gym clubs are open for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so clients can use the facilities at a time convenient to them. There are no contracts and monthly fee’s start from £17.99 per month; members have access to all classes. There is also the option to pay for day passes for the occasional user.

Expert fitness guidance at home is no longer a luxury reserved solely for the rich and the famous, thanks to the new Power Plate® my7™ model.

For the first time ever the Power Plate machine features an interactive, touch-screen video interface with access to more than 250 progressive full body workouts, drawn from a library of more than 1,000 individual exercise videos.

Whether you want to Look Better, Feel Better or Play Better, from Abs to Upper Body Endurance, there is a workout to suit your goals and ability. Each program has been designed to offer progression, so you stay motivated and realise your potential.

Even the busiest people no longer have an excuse, as the my7 offers programs as short as 10 minutes, making it far easier to squeeze a workout into a demanding day.

In addition, the my7 is the first home Power Plate machine to feature proMOTION™ technology, an embedded cable resistance system adding another dimension to your workout. These cables transfer vibrations more effectively, so you can perform a far wider range of dynamic exercises both on and off the platform.

With the ability to create individual user profiles, which record your workout progression and favourite exercises, the whole family can use the my7 machine to achieve their personal fitness goals.

As with all Power Plate machines, the my7 works by transferring vibrations throughout the body, which cause the muscles to respond multiple times per second. This intensifies the results of holding a pose or performing a dynamic exercise, which is why it is called Acceleration Training™.

Taking up about as much space as an armchair, the my7 model will fit easily into your home and your lifestyle. With the integration of proMOTION technology, it also eliminates the need for additional resistance training equipment, making this quite possibly the only piece of home fitness equipment you will ever need to own.

Exercising at home has never offered so many possibilities from just one machine, quite literally at your fingertips.

Accelerating Hypertrophy

Monday, 3 October 2011 by admin

Recently, PTA Global has had the pleasure of delivering many educational workshops around the world. In these workshops, there are a few topics that always seem to arise: 1. Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion, 2. Hypertrophy and 3. Vibration Training.

Fortunately, all of these topics fit seamlessly together. Unfortunately, however, most trainers, coaches and instructors do not know how to use them together… and it is here that we will start our journey.

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